World Solar Challenge 2019

Team Sonnenwagen at the World Solar Challenge 2019



More than 3,000 kilometers through the Australian Outback - as fast as possible and only with solar energy as fuel: this is the World Solar Challenge 2019! This goal has been set for student teams from around the world. We accompany the Team “Sonnenwagen” of the RWTH Aachen at this race and learn first-hand, which innovative materials and technical expertise can lead them to victory. In extreme conditions, the teams must not only have outstanding development performance, but also make efficient use of available solar energy. Thus, the scientists of the world show that innovative and sustainable mobility concepts are already possible and feasible.
Our news article as well as the documentation take the viewer directly to the Australian Outback and highlight the explosive topic of "sustainable mobility" in a dynamic and very exciting way with the focus on the team “Sonnenwagen”. We present the latest solutions for innovative drive systems, complete with vivid graphics. And meet the masterminds and decision-makers who give us exclusive insights and views into the fascinating world of solar energy. A program contribution that stirs up much more than just dust.


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29th of October 2019 

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