Nomad Universe 2019

unique ethno games experience


For the longest time beyond the Middle East they have been more of a legend than tangible reality, but now the worldwide largest games of the ethnic peoples are arriving in the rest of the world – with an exceptional program. Daring, bold, diverse – the competitions at “Nomad Universe” of travelers and indigenous people are a sight to behold. The incomparable images and interviews from Al-Zayahid, an ancient meeting point of caravans, help to understand the bigger picture: the great sport that is happening here is in deep connection to the traditions of its participants.
Around 1.000 participants from 90 nations (and 130 ethnicities) followed the World Ethnogames Confederation’s invitation to fight for ten days (March 9 – 19) for medals and recognition of their talents. They come from Armenia and Usbekistan, Burkina Faso and Mongolia and they are here, about 150 kilometers from Riyadh, to put their skills to the test. Events include “Kok Boru”, an equestrian team sport of the natives of the steppe, wrestling matches on horseback (“Er Enish”), archery and falcon hunting as well as competitions in arm wrestling, tug of war and Yakutian jumping competitions. Aside from sporting competitions, art is also an important element. Famous sculptors and painters exhibit their works, and there’s an international music and singing competition taking place at the Grand Final of the Nomad Universe.
But whoever turns out to be the winner: the moral winners will be the historical legacy and the authentic culture of the colorful peoples who are presenting their cultural heritage at this event within the world’s largest camel festival. There’s no better occasion to have a deep, dynamic look into this exciting world.
 Unique combination of sports and culture
 Dynamic competitions in disciplines mostly known by
 Scenery of an ancient meeting point of caravans
 Important and famous personalities among the audience
 No tourist spectacle, but 100 percent authentic
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