The trend of the summer - Gardening

The trend of the summer


Who is ready for summer? Barbecue with friends in the own garden, when the cold and dark winter season is finally over and the sun is inviting us to come outside. According to a study, 95.8% of Germans barbecue in the summer. Not only the fresh air and the sunshine are good for the soul, but also planting your own garden and consuming homegrown vegetables.

Gardening – working outdoors – is very trendy right now and garden centers always come up with new ideas to make the time spent in the fresh air even more comfortable. Whether it’s an outdoor kitchen that saves us the hassle of dragging our dishes, a modern high-back garden lounger that invites us to relax, or a zero-emission electric grill for perfectly roasted steaks – all of this awaits us in the upcoming months. This is also important for the economy: The Germans spent 18.6 billion Euros on garden accessories last year.

Garden expert Anna Hackstein from the German Garden Industry Association (Industrieverband Garten e.V.) shows us the latest trends around relaxing and working in the own garden. That way you can enjoy the summer months to the fullest with your friends and family!
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4th April 2018 

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