Entertainment Festival: gamescom 2016

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Every year the world looks up to the cathedral city Cologne and is about to witness its transformation into the peerless and breathtaking gaming world of the gamescom. The world's biggest event for gamers, developers, fans and e-athletes unites for one week around half a million visitors to a cross-bordering gaming culture. The great revolution of the gaming industry remains the gaming experience in the virtual reality. The first virtual reality headsets for consumers can be tested: new reality and vertiginous possibilities are waiting behind this door;  inconceivable up-close adventures like the admiration of a city from the perspective of an eagle and masterful space simulations can be experienced.Under the guiding theme "Heroes in New Dimensions" the gamescom invites gamers and developers from all over the world to celebrate. Over 800 exhibitors and publishers from more than 50 countries reveal their highly anticipated games and offer a new digital lifestyle. The gamescom is and remains beyond compare, the worldwide biggest 360 degree event for interactive entertainment.
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17th August 2016 

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